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All deals and bargains - Sydney-aquascapes

12 FEBRUARY 2022

5 146 SydneyAquascape February 2022

Ram Horn Aquarium Snail (Aquarium Cleaner) Now $1.00 Each + $3 Postage ($12 Express) @ Sydney Aquascapes + Delivery

$1 $2 ½ Price @ Sydney-aquascapes

Ram Horns are now $1.00 each until the breeding season finishes! These are small red, gold and brown snails, great for any freshwater aquarium. Posted to anywhere in Australia. Ram Horns can grow to over 2cm in size,... show more

21 JANUARY 2022

10 239 SydneyAquascape January 2022

Live Ghost Shrimp For Freshwater Aquariums $1.50 Each + Delivery

$1.50 $2 Save 25% @ Sydney-aquascapes

These Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp are a great addition to your clean-up crew. The Neocaridina family being one of the hardiest dwarf shrimp out there, they can survive temperatures as low as 18C up to 30C but thrive and ... show more