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All deals and bargains - Board Games & Puzzles

6 JULY 2022

16 209 Expiredbetter than ½ price last month

Monopoly Junior - My First Monopoly Game

$10 $29 Save 66% @ BIG W

The Monopoly Junior game allows kids to earn money the fun way. The game is like the standard Monopoly game, but it’s fast, simple, and accessible for younger players. Kids choose their favorite Junior token and learn ... show more

10 183 Expiredbetter than ½ price last month

The Game of Life Junior

$10 $25 Save 60% @ BIG W

In The Game of Life Junior game, kids embark on an exciting family vacation. Players choose their mover -- a car, train, ship, or a plane -- and head off to their chosen destination. They could visit a jungle, the beach,... show more

8 173 Expired last month

Monopoly Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child

$20 @ BIG W

Own it all as a high-flying trader in the fast-paced world of Hasbro Monopoly, the original trading board gaming. Tour the city for the hottest properties: sites, stations and utilities are all up for grabs.... show more

20 JULY 2021

7 147 Expired July 2021

Dr Seuss 300pce Puzzle - Assorted*

$7 $10 Save 30% @ BIG W

Featuring the very recognisable illustrations of Dr. Seuss, these wonderful 300 piece puzzles will entertain any Dr. Seuss fan. Enjoy piecing images from the best selling books – Oh the Places You... show more

10 JULY 2021

8 146 Expiredbetter than ½ price July 2021

Tomy Harry Potter Electronic Wizarding Quiz Game

$19 $39 Save 51% @ BIG W

The Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz Game with 1,000 Wizarding questions.
Can you guess if they are true or false? Be Quick! Be Right! Only the fastest player can answer.
2 levels:... show more

9 JULY 2021

11 190 Expiredbetter than ½ price July 2021

Monopoly Australian Community Relief Edition

$15 $59 Save 75% @ BIG W

Australians have had a tough year, whether it be financial, environmental, health-related or simply adapting to change. But one thing that remains consistent is the spirit of our communities: our neighbours, our friends ... show more

4 172 better than ½ price July 2021

Match Master Board Game

$8 $17 Save 53% @ BIG W

Match Master is a fun family game of speed, concentration and visual perception. Flip a card and find the match! Try to find at least two cards that share the category characteristic that appears on the upper card. Be th... show more

4 165 Expired½ price July 2021

Harry Potter Match: The Crazy Cube Game

$12 $24 Save 50% @ BIG W

The World of Harry Potter gets a new adventure in this edition of Harry Potter Match! Can you get 5 wizards, witches or creatures in a row and win the game? Or will your special Top Trumps cards let you take the match fr... show more

8 JULY 2021

5 185 Expired½ price July 2021

Kids Know Best Game

$12 $24 Save 50% @ BIG W

Kids Know Best is the ultimate family trivia board game! To win, be the first to answer all the questions correctly and have all of your pawns at the finish on the other side of the game board. Sounds easy right? – But... show more

4 JULY 2021

3 168 better than ½ price July 2021

Friends: The One With The Ball Game

$10 $25 Save 60% @ BIG W

How long can you last without dropping the ball? Inspired by the Friends episode, The One with the Ball, players compete against friends and family to see how long they can last through five ball-tossing, ball-balancing,... show more

8 158 July 2021

The Wiggles Floor Puzzle - Assorted*

$8 $15 Save 47% @ BIG W

Learn to count and do your ABC's with all your favourite Wiggles characters! Each puzzle measures over 3 metres long and includes 26 giant pieces. Each piece includes a favourite Wiggles character or icon.\u... show more

2 163 better than ½ price July 2021

Crazy Chef's Game

$12 $25 Save 52% @ BIG W

Players collect ingredients to make a tasty meal in this crazy cooking game.

In this fun food-themed game, each player picks a chef board with a different recipe - from lasagne to c... show more

3 JULY 2021

9 165 better than ½ price July 2021

Pigcasso Drawing Board Game

$19 $49 Save 61% @ BIG W

Pigcasso is a challenge based board game for the whole family! This creative and whacky game will have everyone in stitches! Use your Pigcasso snout to solve each challenge as quickly as possible. Whether it... show more

9 190 better than ½ price July 2021

Doodad Card Game

$10 $25 Save 60% @ BIG W

Doodad is a captivating card game that requires strategy, creativity and a bit of malicious maneuvering. The object of the game is to spell ‘doodad’ with the Letter cards you collect \u... show more

7 186 better than ½ price July 2021

Monopoly For Sore Losers Board Game

$15 $49 Save 69% @ BIG W

Don't get sad…get even! Say goodbye to the frustration of losing while playing Monopoly, and say hello to the Monopoly For Sore Losers board game. This hilarious twist on the Monopoly game turns ... show more

6 166 Expired July 2021

Crown & Andrews The Game Of Things

$15 $29 Save 48% @ BIG W

Game of Things is the ultimate “Who-said-what” game with attitude that presents players with provocative questions such as “THINGS… you wouldn’t do for a million dollars”, “THINGS…you wish grew on trees... show more

8 169 better than ½ price July 2021

Pokemon Trainer Guess Ash's Adventures Electronic Guessing Game

$19 $39 Save 51% @ BIG W

Pokemon Trainer Guess is the amazing guessing game! Think of a Pokemon and after a few questions the Poke Ball will tell you exactly which Pokemon you're thinking of! Think you can outsmart this Pokeball? On... show more

8 152 Expired July 2021

Monopoly Millionaire

$15 $29 Save 48% @ BIG W

First to a million wins! The MONOPOLY Millionaire game is all about making a million dollars fast! Race around the board making a fortune, and live like a millionaire as you go! Plus, you get to upgrade your game mover t... show more

6 215 Expiredbetter than ½ price July 2021

Crazy Creations Brain Dome Set

$19 $39 Save 51% @ BIG W

The Crazy Creations Brain Lab makes magic creepy crawlies in under 6 minutes! The colourful light up brain really flashes while the gel is setting! Simply add the gel to the mold and set in the flashing Brain! show more

3 160 July 2021

Yes Chef Board Game

$15 $29 Save 48% @ BIG W

In this unique skill & action game, kids check the order card, use their spatulas to flip their plates to match, then race to be the first to ring the bell! show more

5 JUNE 2021

6 177 Expiredbetter than ½ price June 2021

Trolls World Tour Game

$10 $29 Save 66% @ BIG W

The Trolls are on a mission to unite the music in this cooperative play game based on the hit movie, Trolls World Tour. With a gameboard made of durable fabric, and game movers with the signature Trolls hair... show more