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Titan Premium Multi-Layer PEVA Car Cover for Hatchbacks 165-181". Waterproof, UV Protection, Anti-Scratch Protective Lining,

$135.97 $139.28 Save 2% ($3.31)

Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

Auto & Parts
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14 January 2022 9:27:57 am

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new best price 14 January 2022: $135.97
Expired 25 December 2021: $139.28


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Innovative Design
Our 110gsm PEVA multi-layer car cover was designed with both form and function in mind. The 181 inch length fits most common mid-size hatchbacks. The truly distinct eye-catching aluminum with black stripe design sets this cover apart from other regular options. New car owners and those with an eye for style will absolutely love this stand out product.

All-Weather Protection
Our multi-layer cover is comprised of layers of UV protection and waterproofing, reflective aluminum sunscreen, and tear-resistant Polyethelyne Vinyl Acetate (PEVA) material all contributing to safeguarding your vehicle from water, heat, snow, and wind. Our lab tested and verified materials and quality construction ensure reliability and protection for your new car.

Comprehensive Features
This premium multi-layer cover features a unique and eye-catching design, quality materials and construction to protect your sedan from the elements and your new car’s paint finish. The convenient driver’s side zippered panel enables easy access to the car interior and two strong, nylon tie-down straps, with reinforced stitching and click-close buckles, secure the cover.

Wide Range of Cars
Our cover was designed to fit and protect most mid-sized hatchbacks. The dimensions of our multilayer cover allows it to be used by owners of millions of hatchback vehicles including Prius, Forte5, Focus, Mazda 3, Fit, Impreza, Elantra and many more.

Our Promise
We are normal consumers, just like you. We design products to make things better and easier and more enjoyable – basically, products that we want to use ourselves. We try hard to do the right thing. If we make a mistake, we own up to it.

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