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Heavy duty Apron Waterproof Black White PVC Protective PU Plastic Industrial Delivered

$14.55 $29.95 Save 51% ($15.40)

eBay Australia - [affiliate]

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14 January 2022 11:52:54 am

Deal history @ eBay Australia

best price 14 January 2022: $14.55
Expired 11 October 2021: $14.55
Expired 26 August 2021: $14.55
Expired 23 June 2021: $24.55


Heavy Duty PVC Apron. Heavy duty PVC Vinyl apron,450gsm. Herringbone waist strap. Heavy duty pvc apron-bLACK & wHITE. 29 years industry wholesale expert experience since 1988. Bamboo Thick Socks. Black & White.

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