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12V AGM Marine Sealed Power Solar Caravan 4WD Camping

$242.54 $611.99 Save 60% ($369.45)

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Aarav Walker 18 June 2021 3:54:13 pm

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better than ½ price 18 June 2021: $242.54
Expiredbetter than ½ price 03 June 2021: $261
Expiredbetter than ½ price 26 May 2021: $258


On its own, the 75Ah 12V battery features an incredible cycle life of up to 1400 cycles. What you get is a longer, consistent and more drawn out charge all the time. And with its advanced AGM technology, the battery enables better electrolyte absorption, cyclic stability and frequent charging without affecting performance. The bolt-down terminals also allow for a more reliable experience, and not least, the high oxygen-recombination efficiency results in superior deep discharge recovery. And not to be outdone, the battery box easily fits the battery and together, they can power up a host of 12V devices including camping lights and portable fridges with its cigarette lighter socket as well as mobile phones and tablets with the two USB ports.

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