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Kishnab Pull Up Bands-Heavy Duty Set of 3 Pull Up Workout Bands, Premium Resistance Bands for Body Stretch, Physical Therapy,

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Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

Sports & Outdoors
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06 August 2022 9:51:10 am

Deal history @ Amazon Australia

$6.50 drop½ price 06 August 2022: $18.49
Expired $4.50 drop 11 February 2022: $24.99
Expired $0.50 drop 06 November 2021: $29.49
Expired 19 September 2021: $29.99


RESISTANCE BANDS OF THREE provide a variety of resistance levels, ranging from 24 to 105 lbs. of resistance. Strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in your body without burdening tendons, joints and bones. COMPACT AND VERSATILE so you can keep your workouts on-track anywhere. No more relying on heavy, cumbersome equipment because the Te-Rich Resistance Bands fit discreetly in your briefcase or travel bag. EASY TO USE in any commercial or home gym. Use them individually or together for physical therapy, strength training and core exercises. Enhance flexibility and stamina without learning complex new exercises. SNAP-RESISTANT and durable fabric bands require no spotter. Perform horizontal chest press, biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions safely on your own, anytime and anywhere. SUPERIOR COMFORT will change the way you work out, feel the freedom of motion without worrying about uncomfortable bands rolling or pulling on your skin. All rubber-skin contact has been eliminated with this design. PERFECT FOR SOLO OR GROUP EXERCISE at home, in the gym, outdoors or anywhere you feel the need to give your muscles that extra challenge with hip band loops any time of the day.

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