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Penrite Full Synthetic Engine Oil - 5W-30 6 Litre + Delivery

$44.99 $74.99 Save 40% ($30.00)

Check current price @ Supercheap Auto. Seen for $74.99 5 days ago.
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14 January 2022 4:56:26 pm

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Expired 14 January 2022: $44.99
Expired 12 August 2021: $51.79
Expired 03 July 2021: $70.99


Penrite Full Synthetic 5W-30 is a premium non–friction modified 10W-40 engine oil featuring Penrite's Full Zinc Technology. Penrite’s Full Zinc additive package creates a sacrificial layer on critical engine components to protect them from metal to metal contact and cold start wear. With a combination of a low shear rate viscosity modifier this oil provides additional protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation, piston deposits and sludge formation under higher ambient temperatures and severe operating conditions.

Suitable for use in modern multi-cam and multi-valve petrol, LPG, E10, and diesel vehicles without diesel particulate filters (DPF). Can also be used in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutch assemblies and E85 fuelled vehicles providing more frequent oil drain intervals are adhered to.

To find the oil type and viscosity suggested for your vehicle; either add your vehicle to My Garage or check with your manufacturer, vehicle user manual, your local mechanic or head in-store and talk to one of our friendly team.

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