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Mens Bonds 6 Pack Singlet Chesty Navy White Black Cotton Vest Singlets S - 4Xl Delivered

$49.95 $80.85 Save 38% ($30.90)

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15 January 2022 5:26:28 pm

Deal history @ eBay Australia

best price 15 January 2022: $49.95
Expired 14 October 2021: $49.95
Expired 29 August 2021: $49.95
Expired 29 June 2021: $59.95
Expired 31 May 2021: $59.95


1 x 6 PACK OF BONDS CHESTY SINGLETSYou are purchasing a set of 6 Original Authentic Bonds Athletic Chesty Singlets. This is a great bulk pack - not to miss out on! Chesty singlets are Bonds' most popular and iconic Mens underwear pieces.They are great for, both, the Summer and Winter months. Wear these Chesty singlets alone in the hotterĀ months, or as a layering piece, under clothing, in the cooler months.FEATURES:They are Side Seam Free, 100% Authentic Bonds items, Comfortable and warm, Round neck, not V neck. Brand New with tags. We are Australian Bonds Distributors. The more Chesty singlets you buy, the greater the discount.Available SizesSmallĀ 14/90cms

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