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$85.60 Lumie Bedbug - Low-Blue Bedside Light with Sunset and Nightlight for Babies and Children

Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

Electrical & Electronics
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look 2 weeks ago

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  • Lumie Bedbug - fully adjustable lighting specially for bedtime and sleep, ideal for babies and young children
  • Bedside light - low-blue white light avoids stimulation during the bedtime routine, allowing your child to wind down ready for sleep
  • Sunset with realistic colour change - light gradually fades to off (or nightlight) to naturally promote sleepiness and settle your child
  • Nightlight with two light intensities - non-alerting orange light won't trigger wakefulness during the night so you both slip back to sleep
  • Lumie Bedbug - by Lumie, the light therapy specialist and inventor of the wake-up light; 3-year warranty
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