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Car Trash Can with Lid, Hanging Mini Vehicle Trash Bin, Car Dustbin Garbage Organizer, Plastic Desktops Trash Can, Automotive


Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

Auto & Parts
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06 August 2022 10:10:14 am

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Are you bothered by the small trashes on your car?

Do you think the plastic garbage bag looks too messy?

How about try our black hanging mini car trash can?

Taking minimal amount of space yet gives you excellent shopping experience!

- Color: black
- Material: Plastic
- Size: 5.5 × 6 inch

Package Include:
1 × hanging mini car trash can

Lightly Press
The lid of the trash can is equipped with a flexible spring, so you can push it down and open it effortlessly. In addition, the cover can also prevent odors from escaping into the car.
Easy to Clean
The inside materials of the trash can is smooth, you can clean it easily. In addition, you can use the trash bags, so that you can collect trash Conveniently and do not have to clean the trash can frequently.
Car Organizer
In addition to collecting garbage, it also has a storage function. It can store keys, mobile phones, tissues, towels, etc. Let your car no longer be messy. Make it more tidy and enjoy a pleasant journey.

- Installation method: Hang directly on the side of the car door and the back of the seat.

- Lid design: automatic rebound design.
- Waterproof design: You can put ice cubes to keep the food fresh during the trip.
- Function: Open the small lid of the trash can to put shredded paper, peel and other small garbage. It can also be used as an ashtray. Open the big lid to store umbrellas and beverage bottles.

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