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Ryco Oil Filter Z418


Check current price @ Supercheap Auto. Seen for $15.99 2 days ago.
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03 July 2021 2:26:24 pm

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Expired $3.75 drop 26 December 2021: $11.24
Expired 03 July 2021: $14.99


Fresh and contaminant free oil is a must for any engine; without it, critical damage can be caused to major components due to excessive friction. An oil filter is a factory engine component which allows engine oil to continuously pass through so that it may filter and remove dirt and other contaminants. While using high quality oils and filters are a strong recommendation in order to maintain a healthy engine, without consistent and frequent replacement of these consumables an engine will only deteriorate over time.

Ryco Oil Filters are built in two different styles; the first being the 'spin on' style oil filter which is conventionally seen in most vehicles and are built to withstand the high oil pressures produced by modern engines. The second being the 'cartridge' type oil filter which is designed to simply fit into a reusable housing and is becoming more commonly seen in new vehicles as manufacturers attempt to further reduce waste. Each Ryco Oil Filter provides superior filtering capabilities of oils to ensure protection of critical engine components from harmful contaminants. Ryco Oil Filters are designed to match OEM specifications as well as provide far better flow efficiency, longevity and protection for your engine.

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