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Now $45 Whale Watching Cruise - Departs Darling Harbour, Sydney

$78 (42% / $33 OFF) Adrenaline Australia

Sports & Outdoors

aqueris 29 October 2020 7:00:16 am

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Whale Watching Cruise - Departs Darling Harbour, Sydney


  • Spend a few hours on a whale watching cruise from Darling Harbour
  • Spot whales from the decks of a custom-designed, eco-friendly catamaran vessel
  • Whale sighting guarantee! If no whales are sighted enjoy a free cruise in the same season


Whale watching season in Sydney is incredible, and it’s something you need to see for yourself. On this whale watching cruise you’ll spend around two hours and 45 minutes out on the water, enjoying an unbeatable view of Sydney’s iconic landmarks and the migrating humpback whales.

Setting out from Darling Harbour, you’ll cruise past Luna Park, the Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House, Kirribilli House, Fort Denison, Bradley’s Head, colourful sailing boats and Point Piper waterfront mansions. Then out past Sydney Heads it’s time to start looking out for whales!

Each year thousands of humpback whales migrate along the east coast of Australia, and with the help of land-based spotters your cruise will hopefully have an up close whale show in no time. Most of the migrating whales are humpbacks, but you might also see other whale species like southern rights, minkes, Bryde’s blue and orcas, as well as marine life like Australian fur seals, dolphins, sea turtles and more. 

On board the custom-built 16 metre, eco-friendly catamaran you’ll have three 360 degree viewing decks for amazing views and photos of the whales. There’s also indoor lounge cabin seating, outdoor seating, and a wrap around lower deck that lets you get close to the water (and the whales!). The skippers are full of insight about the whales and migration season, so you can learn and ask questions as you go.

Seeing humpback whales in their natural habitat is an incredible experience, and some of the behaviours you might observe include fluke up dives, tail slapping, pectoral fin slapping, spy hopping, breaching, and tail throws. Of course, these are wild animals who do not perform on cue, and the whale watching cruise is committed to minimising the disturbance to the whales. But in the event that no whales are spotted, you can come back for free within the same season!

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