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Now $1.82 BIC 829772 Kids Plastidecor Colouring Crayons - Assorted Colours, Pack of 24 + Delivery

$4 (55% / $2.18 OFF) Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

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Toys & Kids
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mpat 18 October 2020 8:20:16 am

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Features & details

  • Super durable BIC Kids Plastidecor coloring crayons are perfect for kids just starting to draw; recommended after 30 months old
  • The no-mess plastic wax barrel means no marks on hands and clothing - what a great idea
  • This wallet has 24 assorted vibrant colors, including gold and silver, kids are free to create lovely masterpieces
  • These crayons are easy to sharpen so children can do it all by themselves
  • More durable than regular coloring crayons, they are lightweight and super strong at the same time

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