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Now $6 3 x Milka Hazelnuts Chocolate Block 100g + Delivery

$7.50 (20% / $1.50 OFF) - [affiliate]

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aqueris 26 September 2020 7:45:20 pm

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For a deliciously creamy chocolate experience like no other, snap up three blocks of Milka Hazelnuts! Made with 100% alpine milk, with crispy hazelnut pieces for a delightful crunch, this European favourite is perfect for sharing around - or keeping to yourself! Get in quick before they go!


Milka Chocolate Block
Pack contents: 3 x 100g
Flavour: Hazelnuts
Made with 100% alpine milk
A European favourite
Great for sharing
Best Before: 10/11/2020
Please note: This is an imported product. Contains milk, soya and hazelnuts. May contain other nuts and wheat.

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