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6 157 ended October 2020

Now $19 Meguiar's Ultimate Wash N Wax 1.42Ltr + Delivery

$32 (41% / $13 OFF) Repco

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Offer valid till 04 October 2020 12:00:00 am
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larin 22 September 2020 9:20:47 pm

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Ultimate Wash & Wax for that deep, glossy finish

Using a blend of carnauba wax and synthetic polymer technology Meguiar's Wash & Wax is developed into a highly advanced car wash to deliver a genuine waxed finish. Ideal for people who don't have the time or inclination to regularly wax their car the high sudsing formula removes dirt & grime whilst leaving real wax protection on your paintwork, glass and wheels.

Using only the best quality ingredients ensures all Meguiar's car care products deliver the best results for your vehicle and remain the choice of even the fussiest of car enthusiasts. The full range of exceptional products cover every vehicle surface to include wheels, tyres, paintwork and interior and their constant innovation and development ensures they set a standard to which others follow. Whether it be a prize winning show car or your daily driver you know that any surface treated with a Meguiar's product will stand out from the crowd.

Making the effort to properly wash and detail your car involves more than just one product and with many quality car washes, car polishes and tyre care products in the Meguiar's range you can have the confidence to cover your car from front to back with only the best. Their range of brushes and cloths cover just about any application so you can be assured that your vehicle is being given the full Meguiar's treatment.

Shop online or at a Repco store near you and discover the world class range of Meguiars car care products to give your vehicle that show quality finish.

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