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BBQ Rotisserie Spit Iron and Stainless Steel

$405.89 $1171.99 Save 65% ($766.10)

Camping Swag Online

Home & Garden
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Aarav Walker 19 June 2021 3:32:25 pm

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This combination of a grill and a rotisserie will be perfect for roasting meat in a traditional way. It is ideal for cooking large cuts of meat, ribs, chicken, and more! The rotisserie skewers are adjustable in length to better secure the meat. The height of the skewers is also adjustable. Thanks to the rust-proof iron meat pins, it is easy to clean. The design of the grill guarantees an even heat dissipation with a minimum of smoke and spatter. The drip pan is easy to clean and removable. Delivery includes an electric motor to turn the spit and installation hardware for easy assembly.

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