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Pomsies Interactive Pets - Assorted*

$9 $20 Save 55% ($11)


Toys & Kids

29 June 2021 3:32:53 pm

Deal history @ BIG W

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Pomsies are lovable, wearable, interactive pom pom pets that you can take anywhere you go! Featuring over 50 cute sounds, Pomsies’ eyes light up and change color to express their mood — hungry, sneezy, silly, or super happy. When you're done grooming and caring for your pet, take it to a new level with a special freeze dance mode that you can play with your friends. Along with soft and fuzzy fur that's prime for cuddles, Pomsies’ long tails can wrap around your wrist, backpack, or anything else to make the perfect fashion accessory. Love your Pomsies and they'll love you back!

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