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[20-22%OFF]VOLTAX 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Iron Phosphate Rechargeable - 9355348009439

$399.20 $1299 Save 69% ($899.80)

Check current price @ eBay Australia. Seen for $474.05 4 weeks ago.

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18 June 2021 9:18:35 pm

Deal history @ eBay Australia

Expired $24 dropbetter than ½ price 26 September 2021: $375.20
Expiredbetter than ½ price 18 June 2021: $399.20
Expiredbetter than ½ price 18 May 2021: $424.15
Expiredbetter than ½ price 17 April 2021: $499


Portable personal computer. Camper Trailer Caravan Camping Truck RV and more. It's as easy as that. Nominal Capacity: 100Ah. Usable Capacity: 100Ah. Hand Tools. Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner.

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