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Black Widow Colored Pencils For Adults - 24 Coloring Pencils With Smooth Pigments - Best Color Pencil Set For Adult Coloring


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27 June 2021 7:08:31 pm

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  • ✅ SILKY SMOOTH COLORING! The buttery, smooth tips of these colored pencils practically purr across the page of your favorite adult coloring book or drawing. The soft, wax points lay down color evenly for beginners to fine artists with very little pressure or friction - even on delicate paper. These pencils are water soluble and are not meant to be used as watercolors
  • ✅ VIBRANT COLORS WITHOUT DUPLICATES! 24 vivid colors, shades and hues in this set. Colors like Pigs Ear, Galaxy Blue and Delicious Pink are pre-sharpened ready to pop off the page. Every color pencil is labelled with a clever name and number code on the barrel, and there’s a convenient color chart inside the lid of the tin packaging.
  • ✅ LESS SHARPENING And more coloring using The Black Widow. Make your life easier with this easy to sharpen sketch soft pencil set, leaving you more time for color therapy
  • ✅ PENCIL CORE DOESN’T BREAK WHEN SHARPENED! The soft wax core and tips of these art colored pencils don’t crumble and break when sharpened or when pressing down to extract darker shades when blending. This means less sharpening is needed, so the tips of your colored pencils stay sharp longer.
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE TO HOLD AND COOL TO DISPLAY! The sleek barrel of these colored pencils is Scorpion black, which adds elegance and a touch of cool to your art supplies. The hexagon shape means the pencil is more comfortable in your hand for drawing, needs less pressure for the colors to lay down and best of all, they won’t roll off your drawing table.

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