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Now $29.74 Premium Magic Clay Car Towel | Buffing Cloth | Car Cleaning Cloth | Super Absorbent Microfiber Magic Clay car Cloth (30cm x 30

$32.95 (10% / $3.21 OFF) Amazon Australia - [affiliate]

Auto & Parts
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Earth 13 September 2021 4:47:06 pm

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  • EXTRA THICK: Double layer design. It is three times thicker than ordinary cloth and has strong absorption capacity, which means that it can absorb nearly 10 times the weight of liquid.
  • SOFTNESS: Ultra fine wool and ultra-fine fiber have both super absorption capacity and softness of velvet, and will not scratch paint, coating or other surfaces.
  • DURABILITY: Wash and reuse 500 times. A secure lint free towel with durable seams. Reinforce edges to prevent spreading. Black seam edges do not scratch the surface
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Microfiber towels are available in two colors, which allow you to use color codes for different cleaning tasks, dry and wet, so that they can be used for various surface work, including kitchen countertops, tableware, glassware, TV screens, car or ship paints, ceramic tiles and wood surfaces.
  • Do check our wide variety of Car Care Products from the brand Clean me Car Care

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